Irvine Homes for Rent over $4,500 per month

Irvine Real Estate For Rent or Lease from $4,500 Per Month

Below are all of the Rental Properties in Irvine from $4,500 Per Month on up. These are all privately owned properties for rent and lease and do not include apartments. The average security deposit for a privately owned property in Orange County is 1-1.5 times the rent amount. In California the legal limit a landlord or property management company can charge for the security deposit is double the rent amount. The majority of these Irvine rentals and leases do require a 12 month lease term. Through this search below you can also search for other rental properties in Orange County or Southern California. With this amazing tool below you can also search for condos for lease, condos for sale, lofts for lease, lofts for sale, lot and land for sale, mobile homes for lease, mobile homes for sale, residential income properties for sale, single family properties for sale, single family properties for lease, stock coops for lease, stock coops for sale, timeshares for lease, timeshares for sale, townhouses for lease, townhouses for sale. You can also search for foreclosures, bank owned properties, REOs, short sales, pre foreclosures in Orange County and the majority of counties in Southern California