Pavilion Park

Pavilion Park Irvine CA

Paviolion Park will remind you of what Irvine may have looked like when you were a kid since it includes beautiful streets which are lined with trees, new homes and an excellent design which puts your personal well-being and health first.

At Pavilion Park there’s something for everyone here including a central park with tall trees, great hiking / biking trails, awesome schools, gardens and so much more.

Home Prices at Pavilion Park

Sticking with the theme of creating great neighborhoods and communities for families and children Pavilion Park also features American Heritage Architecture.

Home prices range from the mid $700,000’s for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Birch Trail home to the low $1,000,000’s for an awesome 4 bedroom, 4 bath Sagewood home.

Perfect For Multigenerational Families

In Irvine it’s not uncommon to find multigenerational families and the team at Pavilion Park knows this that’s why they’ve also incorporated home designs here which are perfect for multigenerational families so mom and dad can continue to live with their kids even though they have families of their own.

Driving around Pavilion Park you will feel like this neighborhood has always been a part of Irvine thanks to the mature trees and homes which look and feel like they could have been built a generation ago.